In early August, Free Press Houston became embroiled in a sexual assault scandal. The news hit many of us hard, and we promptly resigned from our positions at FPH. We want to thank all of our readers for being patient with us while all of this has been going on. It’s been a very stressful and challenging time for us. Although FPH was home to a toxic work environment where people were routinely made to feel uncomfortable and undervalued, we had no idea that toxicity also included alleged sexual assault. We want it to be known that we believe all of the women who have bravely come forward with their stories of abuse. We are thankful to these women for sharing their stories, and we wish them strength as they continue their healing process.

Our silence over the past few weeks was not because we were afraid to speak out or that we didn’t care to speak out. It was because we couldn’t speak out due to the fact that we were locked out of all of our assets. We’re able to finally address all of this publicly because Free Press Houston is under new ownership. That new ownership team has invited a select few of us back to the publication to form a new management and operations team.

Our goal now is to take the publication into the future as a bold and alternative news outlet hyper-focused on all things local. We have been working diligently to lay the groundwork for this transformation, and we hope that you, our valued readers, will join us on this new journey.

We realize it may take some time for the community to regain trust in us, but we are hopeful that H-Towners will eventually be open to the idea of inviting us into their lives again. From this point on, FPH will evolve into a radically different publication with a focus on transparency and accountability to our readers. Our new publication will from the get-go establish a zero tolerance policy for any kind of abusive behavior, both at work and in public. We will also work hard to foster an environment where all voices are heard and respected. We live in a diverse, leviathan of a city, and we want to make sure that with the new iteration of this publication every voice in our city is recognized, no matter how big or how small that voice may be.

With all of this being said, we’re eager to get back to work for you guys. We’ll be re-launching the publication in the coming weeks, and we hope to have your support when we do so.