Dear Music Lovers of Houston, 

My playlist is a culmination of my favorite releases from 2018 and 2019. Of course, I had to include a few of my stans in the mix (Björk, obviously). This playlist is me inviting you into the sonic journey of a day in my life. I always have releases from PAN (Berlin), Halcyon Veil (Houston), and Tri-angle Records (Brooklyn) in heavy rotation. I also happen to be the biggest Meredith Monk fan of all time. If you were my garage apartment neighbor, it’s what you’d hear bleeding through the drywall. 

For the third select, I’ve included Mhysa’s (Halcyon Veil) fire smooth track Bb. She’s a queer black femme producer and sound designer from Philly. She’ll be here in Houston on July 13th headlining Mystic Stylez Second Coming at Rockefellers. She’s doing revolutionary things with her work, and I’m excited to have her here.

At my core, I’m an obsessive listener. As a musician, you kind of have to be that way. So I’ll fixate on one album, mix, or even a single song for a significant period of time. For almost the entirety of February and March of this year, Meshary Alaradah’s Tafakarto was all I would listen to. Sadly it is not available to stream on Spotify.

For fun, be sure to have 2 seconds of crossfade set, and always wear your headphones. 

Please enjoy responsibly.

Over Celestial Waves,


Illustration of Emilý Æyer by Jade Young