It is no surprise that the Houston homeless pet population (including dogs/cats in shelters, foster homes and private rescue groups) is a number that is detrimental in its size. Although it is impossible to determine the actual number of dogs and cats needing a home in this area, the majority of our community is fully aware of the challenge we face in placing such a high number of puppy and cat kiddos in forever homes — animal rescue is now a full-time job.

Whether we are pulling a doggo out of a local shelter, trying to raise funds to entirely vet said animal, networking online and during public events, searching for short-term and long-term foster homes (all while trying not to pull our hair out), it takes lots of time and lots of physical and mental effort for us to continue doing our best for the voiceless. Anyone involved in such an amazingly tightly-knit community will tell you it is worth the energy lost every single time.

Brisco in all of his handsomeness. Photo courtesy of A Chance to Bloom Non-Profit Rescue.

For this week’s issue of this pet adoption series, we’ve decided to get the word out about a sweet and adoptable pup named Brisco, a Houston sad boy story in the making. Brisco is a cruelty case from Northwest Houston who was found tied up for three weeks, starving to death, after former “owners” left him outside to die. He is obviously a fighter with a will, since the supportive radiographs taken after his rescue show fragments of bullets STILL in his shoulder and chest.

A Chance to Bloom Non-Profit Rescue stepped in and chose to get justice for this sweet angel baby. His story starts cold, down right cruel, but is heartwarmingly transformed into a miraculous outcome.

Brisco at the time of his rescue. Photo courtesy of A Chance to Bloom Non-Profit Rescue.

Usually, pit bulls that are cruelty cases are euthanized at SPCA without rescues to pull them. But, Harris County Sheriff’s office shared his story and we wanted to help him,” says A Chance to Bloom Dog rescue founder Barbara Roxanne of Brisco. “We decided not to amputate his front left leg because he uses the stump, and are raising funds for him to get a prosthetic.”

Take a good, long, look at this pupkid and tell me you don’t see grace and courage in a split second deep down in those puppy brown eyes. Brisco is a sweet pup who loves people and likes most dogs (as long as he gets a proper introduction).

Why not start out this week right and adopt him, goddamnit?

Editor’s Note: All dogs or cats listed in “Adopt Me, Goddamnit” are fully vaccinated, altered, microchipped and ready to be scooped into your loving arms for boundless comfort and joy.