All dogs are deserving of the million and one things we can do in order to keep them loved, spoiled and healthy. Understanding the responsibilities that come with adopting a dog really helps build healthy companionship between owners and their pets. As veterinary technicians, we sometimes see owners have little to no understanding of dogs outside their basic necessities. This means we get to build a platform for them and safely educate new and experienced owners alike on the ways of science and how it changes and what that means for owning a dog today.

Take Lettie, for example. Lettie is an estimated four-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. In rescue, we often have to guess what our pup-kids may be mixed with based on physical appearance and personality traits. This helps us match dogs with their perfect fit. Lettie was found as a stray in Houston three years ago. Clearly resilient in her stoic demeanor, her curious face barks, “Why in the world haven’t I found a family to love me?”

Photo courtesy of Jamie’s Rescue.

As puppy love sad as that may sound, it is the reality for an estimated 300,000 stray animals in our beloved city. The rescue community here is one full of diversity, strength, dedication and straight up compassion for what we do. That’s why Lettie is next in line for this spotlight. She is currently in an amazing foster home, and she has a pretty solid dog-resume that makes her a four paws up kind of gal. She has completed two levels of obedience classes at Peace, Love, Dogsand she is a super student! The plan is to continue her training education, and an adopter that could participate with Lettie would be superb.

Lettie really loves being outdoors and running “zoomies.” (You know, when your dog runs around the house like crazy jumping on the couch, running up and down the stairs, just all over the house. It usually ends with them falling to the floor, panting like crazy, followed by a nap. Wow, Zoomies sound dope.) She is always ready to go on a long walk, and she has a fancy rain jacket for those wet days! Let’s face it, she’s high class, flossin’ and ballin’.

Photo courtesy of Jamie’s Rescue.

Lettie’s favorite swag is her toys, which hasn’t always been the case. Typically, you’ll find her crashed out on the couch, but bring her wubbas out and she is ready to shoot the shit. She is what we would call a serious snorer, though, so you’re going to get the best of both worlds when you bring her home. Because of her diva status, she doesn’t really want to share the stage. She would do best in a home with no other pets, but she does love getting her energy out with large breed puppies that she won’t turn her nose up at.

She has seen so many of the other dogs in Jamie’s Rescue find homes over the years, and she really deserves to hang out with you and your family. Her rescue was founded by a little girl when she was just eleven years old. (Cue the waterworks! What the heck were you doing at 11 years old?) Twenty years ago her mother introduced her to the world of rescuing by bringing home an orphaned litter of bottle-feeding kittens. From that moment on, Jamie’s heart was devoted to helping those who did not have a voice and devotes so much energy into helping many of Houston’s homeless and shelter dogs find their furever homes.

So, I’m not sure how you even made it this far without clicking on the above link and filling out an adoption application. Let’s be honest — Lettie, you deserve the best home.

Editor’s Note: All dogs and cats listed in “Adopt Me, Goddamnit” are fully vaccinated, altered, microchipped, and ready to be scooped into your loving arms for boundless comfort and joy.