Houston, let’s be a problem SOLVER and quit having so many animal related problems. Maybe if we had mandatory spay and neuter laws, we wouldn’t have such an overwhelming problem with homeless pets in our beloved city. We’ve been sharing stories of dogs in need, but it’s time to bring you to our other OTHER animal in need, CATS. I wish there was a purrrrr-fect solution to the growing number of animals on the streets of Houston. The truth is, we really need to know who our city representatives are, what they stand for, and who supports animal welfare. Then we need to get our ass to voting. (Check them out in an upcoming article! I’ll give you the down-low on who actually wants to help us fight the good fight!) Colonies of cats have exploded in the Houston area over many years.

It’s no different for Mr. Oliver, who Adopt Me, Goddamnit, is featuring today. Oliver was found at an international house of pancakes (for you fancy folks) on highway 6 in the Bear Creek area. He has been incredibly friendly from the get-go. Sometimes our volunteers of Houston will pick up stray cats with intent to trap them, neuter, and release them back into the area they were found. This helps population control and dropping the cats back where they’re found lessens their risk of not being aware of their surroundings and still being able to find food in an area they’re familiar with. Oliver was noted as “a little too special” to release hence his outpour of love to the individuals that found him and sponsored all of his care. (Shout out to all the lovely people that support what we do! Donations, volunteering your time, offering to foster, adopting, and sharing our posts are all the amazing ways the community of Houston helps. We can’t do it without ya!)

Oliver has been neutered which is what the clip on the tip of his ear represents. If you see a kitten cat in your community with it’s ear notched, thats typically a universal sign that he has been TNR’d (Trapped/Neuter/Released.) Another important aspect of adopting a cat is to know their FELV/FIV status. It’s a quick blood test to determine if they are positive or negative for each disease. Being the lucky guy Oliver is, his blood test reveals he is Felv/Fiv negative.This means he can safely live indoors with your other cats with no risk of passing infection onto them! In his current foster home, he has five friendly kitties he gets along with. Although, you can tell this chonker is a food hog. Ideally, it will be best to separate Oliver while he eats, but only so he doesn’t thief his siblings food. He wouldn’t hurt a fly! (But, watch this phatty’s weight, okay? Because….you’re taking him home, right?) Oliver’s foster momma reports he hasn’t really been around dogs yet, but is so laid back she doesn’t see why he wouldn’t be able to chill with one. However, it’s always recommended to do a meet and greet with your potential new companion, to ensure a safe environment in their new home.

Additionally, Oliver cannot get ENOUGH of people. If you’re looking for a snuggle bug that really enjoys playing with his toys, you’ve met your match. Now, adopt him, goddamnit! You can apply to adopt Oliver by clicking on this cute little link: Adopt Oliver – you deserve him! He is adoptable through M & D Rescue duo, a Houston non-profit that is of course dedicated to saving so many lives, like the rest of us. M & D Rescue Duo will require an application and home visit for the adoption of any of their animals. Adoption fees vary per dog/cat and are based on the age, breed, and medical/behavioral conditions of the dog or cat. Fees start at $95. All dogs and cats are spay/neutered, given age appropriate vaccinations, deworming treatment, microchipping and personality evaluation. Dogs over 6 months are tested for heartworms, and all cats are tested for FeLV/FIV.

You can read more about Oliver HERE and also see a heck’n cute videos of this silly boy. Clearly, he is a cat-dog in disguise. Why are you still reading this? Go adopt him, already. Okay bye! See ya’ll next week with another cutie in need.

Editor’s Note: All dogs and cats listed in “Adopt Me, Goddamnit” are fully vaccinated, altered, microchipped, and ready to be scooped into your loving arms for boundless comfort and joy.