This weekend as a veterinary technician, I helped microchip 125 dogs through a local event organized by Animal Justice League. There are events like this happening all over Houston and it’s imperative we get the word out because if Peanut had a microchip, maybe we could have found her original owners. We don’t always assume the worst when we find a dog in need. As a rescue community, it worries us, but we understand dogs get out and accidents happen. Having your pet microchipped WITH a tag on for identification could truly save their life and help reunite them with a family who is probably overwhelmed with sadness at their loss. Forbye, keeping the information current by calling your microchip company with updates is free and another step in the process of keeping your pet safe.

Peanut is an approximately 16 month old female mixed breed. She weighs 35# and will not get any bigger since she is out of her puppy stage. She was found on New Year’s Day making her time in foster care over 9 months. She had no tags or microchip (hence the importance of these things, right?). Her finder thinks she got loose after being frightened by the fireworks.

Something really awesome about Peanut is we know exactly what kind of dogs make her who she is. Knowing these results will help you better train your new pup as well as ensuring some notice on hereditary diseases due to breed disposition or particular genetic problems that could later cause issues. Her current foster sent her DNA off to find out what breeds she is and the results were pretty amusing. She’s 25% labrador retriever and 12.5% each of Akita, American staffordshire terrier (aka the sweet little butt wigglin’ pibbles), Chow, and German Shepherd Dog. The remaining 25% is a complete mix. She definitely gets her colour from the German Shepherd dog, but her smaller size is a mystery. Wow, I’m surprised she didn’t have some portion of chihuahua in her since basically every dog is a chihuahua, ya know?

Peanut is definitely not an aloof dog. She wants to be where the people are and loves positive reinforcement. She gets along well with her four foster siblings, which incredulously two wolfhounds who are much larger than her and two cairn terriers who are much smaller than her. She gets along great with the resident cats and has never gotten into a scuffle with anyone because she’s basically an angel in dog form. (Much like all dogs we meet.) We think she would adapt well to a home with other animals in it since she likes being social. She has great manners with other dogs and is easy to train. What a good girl 🙂

Her foster family goes to the dog park regularly and informed me how well behaved she is with other dogs, little humans, and big humans alike. She is very playful when we are out and about but at home she also loves to just curl up on the couch. Compared to other dogs, Peanut is very quiet. She rarely barks unless she is outside and sees a squirrel. (Can ya blame her? She’s mixed with so many dogs, one of them has to be squirrel obsessed.) She is crate trained and hasn’t had an accident in months. She is a quick learner and eager to please. She walks reasonably well on a leash but could also use some positive reinforcement in this area. She’s going to make a great dog no matter if you wanted a trick or sport prospect, a hiking/adventuring buddy, or a family dog.

Won’t you be Peanut’s hero today? Schedule a meet and greet.

Peanut is currently up to date on all her medical care. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, heartworm negative and on prevention, microchipped, and DNA-tested. She will go to her new home with a Seresto collar to prevent fleas and a few months worth of Heartgard.

She is currently being fostered through Westbury Care and you can go right ahead and apply to adopt her. Right meow. Do it. CLICK THE BUTTON. You can adopt her (or her friends) here, right HERE, or right mother heck’n here. Plenty of options. No stress. Fill out an application and go meet Peanut today.


Additionally, if you want your foster dog or foster cat featured in “Adopt Me, Goddamnit,” please shoot me an e-mail: for further instructions. That is unless, your foster becomes a foster failure… it happens to all of us, ok?

Pawtober is theeee PURRRFFECT month to get involved. It feels good outside. We feel good outside. The fall colors are more our pace. Every single one of us is hyped up on pumpkin spice something. Time to leave all that sweatness behind and get moving in a cooler (literally) way. It’s totally understandable and OKAY if you can’t donate, foster, or adopt right now. (We know you would have 99 dogs and cats if it was a normal thing, ahem. But it is not. However, a few dogs and a few cats? That we can manage by utilizing really cool resources in our community to vaccinate, heartworm test, buy low cost heartworm prevention w/ flea/tick control, and microchipping events.) Support all of our hard work at a few really cool events happening this month (plus, many more!!):

Heights Saturday Pet Adoptions with Scout’s Honor Rescue hosted by Scout’s Honor Rescue on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 10am – 4pm.

Pawtober Fest hosted by Animal Justice League and Astral Brewing also on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 from 12pm – 4pm.

DogPop in the Heights 2019 hosted by Puppies for Breakfast – Houston’s Dog Festival on Saturday, October 15, 2019 from 5pm – 9pm.

Editor’s Note: All dogs and cats listed in “Adopt Me, Goddamnit” are fully vaccinated, altered, microchipped, and ready to be scooped into your loving arms for boundless comfort and joy.