Misinformation about “bully” breeds is super common. And while this breed unfortunately has a bit of a negative reputation, much of that bad reputation is unwarranted. Pups of this breed can make loving additions to any home.

For this first issue of “Adopt Me, Goddamnit,” a weekly column profiling the best of Houston’s adoptable pets, I’ve decided to give a sweet bully pup named Pollo a moment to shine so he can prove the stigma against his breed is just doggone silly.

This very good boy is boarding at Sonoma’s Haven while he patiently waits for his forever home. And according to Animal Justice League, he waits patiently every day for his crate door to be opened and for his meals to be placed on the floor, and is a total doggy pro at sitting and laying down on command.

Photo courtesy of Animal Justice League.

He has multiple doggy friends out at Sonoma’s Haven, and loves to play with them,” says Animal Justice League. “With proper introductions, he makes fast friends with other dog friendly pups. He gets too excited about cats, so a forever home with no cats would be best.”

This sweet little lover dog has been waiting almost two solid years to find a forever family, and it’s about time to finally give him his chance in the spotlight. Because Pollo loves a little too hard, he would do best in a home without other dogs. This sweet pup just loves his humans so much that he sometimes struggles when other dogs are around them!

Meeting newer dogs in a structured environment works out better for this pawfect dude and helps him get along with all the other puppers in the healthiest way. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little sass, right?

Photo courtesy of Animal Justice League.

Pollo wants everyone to remember that the number of pit bull types in shelters is more due to irresponsible and out of control breeding than the actual behavior of each individual dog. This should never be a negative reflection on their adoptability.

Pollo is a native to Houston who is downright ready to meet you and let his pawsitive side show!

You can find more information about Pollo here

Editor’s Note: All dogs and cats listed in “Adopt Me, Goddamnit” are fully vaccinated, altered, microchipped, and ready to be scooped into your loving arms for boundless comfort and joy.