Hey there! We are back and of course still networking the homeless pets of Houston just as much as before. Working in animal rescue gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over Houston and beyond. There isn’t one universal connection that stands out to me when discussing why we rescue and foster, because we all do it for different reasons. Whether we enjoy client-relationships and education, have a natural sense of nurturing and empathy, simply love all animals and want to see them happy, or it is our complete mission to save animals and make a difference, the main reason is to always promote wellness in companion animal health in positive ways. My conversation with others typically ends with “haha, little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.” Yet, we continue to go back again and again, and often stretch ourselves thin. Why, you might ask?

For reasons like Rusty:

Rusty, of course, is short for Russell. Due to his distinguishable personality, this handsome middle aged man has been in foster care for around three years, so his amazing rescue (Westbury Care Rescue) can work to find him the best and most snug fit. It’s clear husky Rusty will open his heart for food and also for all the ladies. He is very keen to open up with women and Rusty boy will need a home with an owner that can be patient with the challenges he faces with men. It’s not too weird of a quirk though! Just catch him being loyal as heck and barking at the men within 10 feet of ya that just don’t need to be there. *shrug* I don’t think anyone in Houston is opposed to a little extra protection, right? However, it is a trait that his new owner will need to commit to as a work in progress. We want Rusty to go to a home where he is comfortable learning to trust all the right people. I bet you’re up for the task. Pop a cold one in this Houston heat and get to training this amazing babe.

Now, back to the ladies, He will sit for them, and stay for them and even talk to them (to tell them he’s excited to see them or that it’s time to eat; have I mentioned Rusty really freaking loves food?). He’s an independent guy though and doesn’t really like to be tied down. Don’t you worry, Rusty still loves all the petting, he’s just not a huge cuddler. He prefers to sleep on his new dog bed you’ll get for him or a cool tile floor. (A dog that doesn’t get on the furniture! Cool, right?) Rusty’s foster mom thinks he might be a grumpycat old man trapped in a 6 year old dog’s body, but we all prefer to think Rusty is just extra extra extra. He also lives with a foster brother he’s learned to love and has met some other dogs he likes too, he just needs to get to know them first. Anyways, if you want to see more of Rusty’s stunning good looks you should check out #westburycarerusty. His foster mom can NOT get enough of him, and loves to take his picture.

It’s clear Rusty sounds like the dog for you, so go ahead and Adopt him, Goddamnit!

ADOPT RUSTY by clicking the link and visiting Westbury Care Rescue. Get to filling out an application on this angel!

Westbury CARE (Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on addressing many of the growing animal-related problems in Houston. This includes roaming/stray animals, trap neuter return of feral cats, lost/found animals, and a lack of neutering, spaying, and microchipping. Ways to help their cause include: donating to dogs in their program, sharing this article, volunteering to help out at events and definitely fostering pets in need. There is a place for everyone in rescue and endless ways to connect in this world of transforming the life of an animal, and maybe a little bit of transformation yourself. That’s all folks. Adopt, don’t shop!

Warm wags and wishes!