Jenny Lewis was in the city touring on her new album, On the Line. The house music of choice at White Oak Music Hall that night was gypsy jazz that set a hauntingly carnivalesque mood as the Jenny Lewis stans gathered together. Opening act and sister duo the Watson Twins set the mood of the evening with their authentic American rock stylings. But what would come during Lewis’ performance was truly breathtaking, as the artist effortlessly formed a close connection with the stans in attendance.

Photo by Rebecca Herpin

The Stans

Older millennials were on the prowl to see Jenny Lewis, who has been active in the music world going on 20 years.

Photo by Rebecca Herpin

The Stage

A massive southwestern tribal backdrop draped the stage. On stage there were a matching heart-shaped platform and road case, decorated in the same motif, with clear plastic neon phones placed on them that were reminiscent of ‘90s bedroom aesthetics. Lewis herself, positioned dead center on stage throughout the night, was dressed to match the glam intensity of the stage decor in a sparkling gown and beehive hairdo that exhumed classic country vibes. The backing band were designated by their black suits and white button-up shirts, no tie.

Photo by Rebecca Herpin

The Setlist

  • “Heads Gonna Roll”
  • “Wasted Life”
  • “Head Underwater”
  • “Silver Lining”
  • “Happy”
  • “The Voyager”
  • “Do Si Do”
  • “She’s Not Me”
  • “Hollywood Lawn”
  • “Redbull and Hennessy”
  • “Just One of the Guys”
  • “On the Line”
  • “Little White Dove”
  • “Born Secular”
  • “With Arms Outstretched”


  • “Party clown”
  • “The Big Guns”
  • “Rise Up With Fists!!”
  • “See Fernando”
Photo by Rebecca Herpin

The Standouts

Lewis performance was impeccable and exhibited her masterful control of the audience through the ability to put on a show, all with a sincere feeling of happiness and spontaneity. Memorable moments from the set were countless, like when Lewis picked up one of the fluorescent phones, using it as a microphone to sing “On the Line.”

Massive balloons began falling from the sky near the end of the set, quickly filling the room and adding a bit of extra entertainment at the tail end of an already fun night. After walking off stage briefly, Lewis returned to ask for all lights to be turned off. She implored the crowd to use their phones to illuminate her dress like a disco ball as she sang the Rilo Kiley classic “With Arms Outstretched” to uproarious applause.

Photo by Rebecca Herpin

The Sign-Off

The night contained a number of beautiful and intimate moments shared between the performer and her loving fans.

The Score: ♥♥♥♥♥