Bambull Black Productions is back, and this time they’re doing it for the kids.

The talented event collective behind Dream Machine, one of the best multimedia events of 2018, returns with Heart Drive, billed as “a house party and art drive for HTX teachers.” It will take place at The Dive (809 Pierce St) on Thursday, March 28 from 7 pm to 2 am. Proceeds will go to purchasing classroom art supplies for local teachers.

The brainchild of the event is Hannah Bull, a member of Bambull Black and a five-year veteran art teacher. The struggle to keep an art class fully stocked with supplies has been something she personally experienced. And it’s an issue many other teachers across Houston face year after year when dealing with limited school budgets that often overlook art departments and the costs associated with expensive art supplies.

“I’ve been an art teacher for a long time,” she said. “Working for a charter school, and a public school, it’s been very difficult to get supplies. I know it’s not necessarily the school’s fault. People just don’t appreciate the arts, or they don’t give money to it, or they don’t understand how much these things cost.”

Headlining the event is New Orleans house DJ, Lil Jodeci, whose Set De Flo has quickly established itself as the one of the best dance nights in the Big Easy. Bull discovered him on a recent trip and committed to incorporate him into Heart Drive.

“It is the sexiest, most beautiful dance party ever,” she said about Lil Jodeci’s New Orleans event. “It’s everything, from his branding, his visuals, and just him and the music he played, it’s just so beautiful. I got that feeling that everyone was there together, having a good time, no judgment. I was like, ‘I’m going to bring him to Houston.’ Community, love, art supply drive — it makes sense.”

Houston DJs XLO and Dom Top round out the music artists featured on the bill. Local digital artists at Input Output will offer up an installation as well.

Attendees are encouraged to bring supplies to the event. Those that do so will receive a discount off their ticket price. Supplies needed include acrylic paint, acrylic paint brush sets, canvas pads, air-dry clay, scissors, heavy stock packs of paper, washable watercolor sets, Elmer’s papier-mâché art paste and reams of computer paper.

Teachers that are in need of supplies are asked to submit their request through a Google Doc Bull set up. Following the event, Bull will have the items distributed to those that registered. Any extra proceeds from the door will also be used to purchase supplies.

It’s not a coincidence the date of Heart Drive also falls on Bull’s birthday. For the past three years, she used her birthday as an opportunity to give back to specific causes and invite friends and strangers alike to have a great time.

“I try to do it on my birthday because like Christmas or other holidays, it can make me really sad,” Bull said. “So, I try to do something where I’m giving back. It’s going to make me feel great on my birthday and I know that art teachers will need it. It’s this symbiotic trade.”

Heart Drive finds the beat at The Dive on Thursday, March 28. Lil Jodeci, XLO, and DJ Dom Top perform. Tickets are $12 or $8 with a donation of art supplies. Doors open at 7 pm. LINK4