There always comes a time to end a season of sadness, to shelf those Bright Eyes records, clear the empty wine bottles crowding your kitchen counter, pop some vitamin D, breath deep, and start anew.

Brett Dennen’s latest EP — a real treat for fans of bands like The Head and The Heart and Wild Child — is a soundtrack for this new start, for that day when the darkness gives way to a morning bright and clean. The bouncy, thematic riff of “Already Gone,” the opener, gets you swaggering down the sidewalk, a smile cracked wide, eyes beaming. Every stranger gets a wave. Every dog a pat on the head. The mail-lady gets an unexpected high-five. The song’s hook “Bye, bye I’m already gone” is a farewell to the sullen hours spent mourning, or despairing, or self-pitying. “Already Gone” whisks us into a happier future.

All five songs, in fact, cast an optimistic light onto the future. Even in the pensive-sounding “Lets Me Down,” Dennen proposes that we “swallow the darkness and get this party started.” More than his lyrics though, the songwriter’s radio-ready voice is a balm for the broken, birdsong to the inveterate cynic. Charming and pretty, it has the faintest grit, a ruffle for texture, and the medley of keyboard sounds — sometimes electronic, sometimes acoustic — colors in the blank spots that would leave the EP a little bland if it consisted of just voice, guitar and drums.

The twangy slide guitar on “Home Away From Home” adds folk elements to the EP, bringing to the fore its themes of departure and travel. Dennen clearly had new horizons in mind when he wrote these tunes, and “Jenny and Jill,” the closer, is a tribute to new experiences. It’s a tender narrative-song about two small-town teenagers who were and always will be each other’s first love. Jenny saves for an entire year to buy tickets to a music festival that she “give(s) to Jill before she move(s) away.” Leading up to the festival, they giddily daydream together about which songs they’ll slow dance to, and when the event comes, they spend it with kids as innocent and excited as they. “You never forget the first time,” Dennen sings sweetly, and we all nod in agreement, silently and wistfully remembering our first love.

Dennen will be playing tonight at Heights Theater, at 6 p.m. For more information, go here.