Swine is an exhibition by Houston-based artist, musician, writer, and curator Tex Kerschen. Presented by Civic TV Laboratories, the exhibition, which opens Saturday, Jan. 20, is the first comprehensive exhibition of Kerschen’s work here in Houston.

Kershen is well known throughout the city for his myriad creative endeavors. For example, his band Studded Left (previously known as Indian Jewelry) has long been one of Houston’s most interesting and lauded musical exports. Additonally, Kerschen’s poetry has been collected and published in the books Tidal Economics and Hothouse. Through Kerschen’s coverage of art and music for Houston he has been an important voice of support for the city’s creative community.

Tex Kerschen “Gold Lips” 2017

Kerschen served as curator at the The Station Museum and the Art Car Museum from 1998 and 2004, during which time he spearheaded the now-infamous FBI surveilled exhibition Secret Wars at the Art Car Museum, as well as the groundbreaking Made In Palestine exhibit at The Station Museum. Tex has played an active roll in the creative community in Houston and the region for the past twenty years through his organization of countless creative projects and events.

Civic TV and Kerschen have been working and collaborating on various endeavors for the past several years and continue to push the boundaries of presentation. Working in the realm of performance, light, and sound is no easy task for a gallery or independent space. However, Civic TV and Kerschen have worked miracles with their individual projects and events across the city. Working closely with the community has always been part of Director Terry Suprean’s agenda; it’s rare to see a gallery director and event promoter give such attention to the voices of the city when it comes to needs of programming and presentation.

Tex Kerschen “Catamite Handbag” 2017

Tex’s newest works, part of Civic TV’s first show of the season, are a collection of lush collages. The pieces, vivid and almost sculptural, are a perfect collection for the new exhibition. They also tie perfectly into the ethos of Civic TV. Founded in 2014, the gallery and performance space and has been for years focusing on the experimental. Its several locations over the years have served as anchor locations and destinations for challenging and off-the-cuff exhibitions. As a hub for the cultural eastside, Civic TV now operates from its new location in the Fifth Ward and continues to set a bold example for independent programming within Houston. Kerschens exhibition is a perfect start for Civic TV’s season of 2018. The opening evening of the exhibition will kick off with food, drinks, and a performance by special musical guest Richard Durham of Saturday, Jan. 20.

“These works aren’t monuments, or portraits, or symbols, or statements,” says Tex Kerschen of the exhibition. “They are flowers. I have statements, I have metaphors, I have potent allegories. But these are flowers.”

Tex Kerschen’s Swine opens Saturday, Jan. 20 at 6 p.m. and runs through Feb. 28.