Houston’s Deep Cuts, who perform this year at Day for Night (December 15-17), have created an image of chill for themselves, and their new track, “Endlessly Refreshing,” does not fall short. The five-minute video is rather cinematic and includes both Deep Cut’s cool persona as well as some overall impressive camera work both shot and edited by manager Dustin Reid.

The song is centered around “sitting at home on your phone while your friends are out in the world living their lives, which you get to enjoy vicariously through social media,” says member Zach Alderman. “The video reflects those themes, with Chase and I in our remote cosmic space (the Beach) watching our friends’ bacchanalian debauchery.”

“We wanted to reach that location before sunrise, which mandated an earlier morning than most of us had seen in years, preceded by a typically late night,” says Alderman about shooting on the beach. “I was cranky, very cranky. I hope it doesn’t show in the way I’m reading that book.”

The video, which ends with a group of friends stuck in an elevator after a night around town, was shot throughout New York but remains Houston with appearances from the likes of Fat Tony and others.

“Ex-Houstonian Ben Godfrey, formerly of Listen Listen, shows up for a few drunken frames,” says Alderman. “Our buddy, Todd, formerly of Glassjaw and Brand New, and now half of electronic duo Love n Lerrone, showed up to the party as well. Truly a who’s who!”

On Oct. 20, the band is throwing a Halloween cover show over at Wonky Power, where they’ll dish out an exceedingly eclectic set of 90’s cover, from the Barenaked Ladies to Rob Zombie and everything in between. Next month they are also opening a string of Texas dates for Cults, with a Houston show on Nov. 13 at White Oak Music Hall. You can also catch them this year at Day for Night (December 15-17).