Everything is bigger in Texas, even the laughs. Comedian Erik Griffin begins a short comedy tour this week, starting in the state he loves to make laugh: Texas. Many know Griffin as Montez Walker of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” (which just finished its final season). While Montez may be a caricature of your stereotypical black male co-worker, Griffin’s range of comedy is broad and varied. His Houston stand-up will cover everything from happenings in Griffin’s personal life to political observations worth heckling. 

Erik Griffin recently aired his second Showtime special “AmERIKan Warrior”. Having two specials on Showtime is a comedian’s dream he’s proud to have achieved. His recent special ventilated touchy societal norms and current American issues without fear. Always the class clown with a funny face, Griffin persevered around the comedy circuit until he cultivated his natural talent and made the right people laugh. His secret? Authenticity. Griffin doesn’t play into expectations or tell the jokes he thinks people want to hear. Instead, he believes that “being authentic to yourself is the most basic thing you can do as a comedian” on stage (Griffin). We laugh the hardest when we identify with the ridiculousness of the situation presented to us. Go to his show and you’ll see the certified realness for yourself, and maybe find answers to those life questions you and your therapist can’t seem to crack. 

Griffin continues to build his large filmography. With credits on hit shows such as “Bob’s Burgers”, “You’re the Worst”, and “Arrested Development”, Erik Griffin’s career keeps thriving. Netflix recently aired Murder Mystery, a comedy mystery film in which Griffin acted alongside legends Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. Griffin plays roles in soon to be released films Mayfield’s Game (release date 2020), and Sleepover, which he’ll film after his short comedy circuit. Despite his growing reel, Griffin says he’s really been enjoying recording episodes of his podcast, “Riffin with Griffin”, which is a loose opportunity to riff with celebs, tell crazy Uber stories, or roast ludicrous television shows like “90 Day Fiance”, or “Big Brother” season 1000.

“Houston is a great city and I’m looking forward to making people laugh.”

Griffin says Houston is one of his favorite places to perform because of its diversity. The big urban community creates an infectious environment for laughter that he loves. Griffin believes laughter to be, “the most basic human interaction” (Griffin). Laughter, “is a reaction to a stimulus”, and puts energy out into the world. Arguably, the most needed type of energy. He says people laugh in all situations: arguments, funerals, you name it. Laughter is raw, and necessary, especially after a long week.

Erik advises you to “leave your worries behind and come to the show.”

You’ll have two opportunities to lightly pee yourself this weekend (from laughter, of course) at the Rec Room this Friday, 8/9, and White Oak this Saturday, 8/10. Tickets are only $20, but the laughs are priceless. Grab up dem friends of yours, smerk a berl if you’re into that, and enjoy a night of comedy. Lord knows you deserve it. Cheers.