In recent weeks, the homespun Houston psychedelic group Flower Graves have been making some decisive moves, with Texas tour dates with Los Angeles’ Mystic Braves, the announcement of their debut album “Living in Disguise,” and now the release of their latest music video for their single “Anything Else” from their upcoming album. 

After emerging from the ashes of Mikey and the Drags, Flower Graves seems poised to make a statement and prove themselves in the regional psych scene in Texas. With the involvement of the Group’s Frontman Mikey Ponce in the local record label Wallflower records, which has done its due diligence in linking together the often disparate music scenes within the state and beyond, it seems as if the band has taken it as their time to make their own moves within the scene: making the statement that they are, in fact, here and that what they are doing shouldn’t be overlooked.

The music video for “Anything Else” is a heady and kaleidoscopic vignette in a similar vein as Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable performance art and light show that followed around the Velvet Underground in the late ‘60s. Lysergic liquid light shows and an ensuing psychedelic dance party fill-out the scene. In attendance are the band, a psychonaut, and enough dancers to fill any DIY venue in Houston. 

These scenes are broken up with shots of the band driving through nondescript desert scenes, playing cards, and generally hanging out, all too familiar tropes known to anyone who has ever dared play in a band. In this way, the video perfectly encapsulates the feeling of journeying to play the proverbial gig, driving for hours, and arriving at the scene to take part in the ensuing madness. 

The release of the music video was perfectly synced to correspond with Flower Graves’ planned release parties in Austin and Houston. While the group’s Austin release show at Barracuda has already passed, there is still a chance to check what the band has to offer at Flower Graves’ upcoming release show at the Continental Club on Friday, June 12th. Local support for the event will be El Lago, Pearl Crush, with spinning provided by DJ Constant Shame and ethereal projections from the Sonic Boom Lightshow. It seems safe to say it’s going to be a show not to be missed.

Flower Graves celebrate the release of their first LP June 12th at the Continental Club with El Lago, Pearl Crush, and DJ Constant Shame.