Hours before they were set to perform at Houston’s White Oak Music Hall, the Turnpike Troubadours made an announcement via social media that the show would not be continuing as planned.

Representatives of the band cited that, despite “hopes of healing,” the show would be canceled. They asked in their post for fans to keep the band in their prayers. White Oak Music Hall’s Instagram account shared the band’s message just a few hours ago, giving notice of the last minute cancellation for the evening’s show.

The band’s social media accounts claimed that all of their previously booked shows this weekend have also been canceled. It is unsure at this time if there will be more to follow, as the band seems to be going through a stressful and unsure time.

This is not a first for the hit underground country outfit from Oklahoma. The band’s frontman Evan Felker has recently exhibited some erratic onstage behavior, such as slurring words and forgetting lyrics to the point where concerned fans in the audience have made comments about his condition on Twitter. Similar occurrences back in 2018 caused the band to cancel a string of shows, with last minute cancellations also taking place in Chicago and other cities.

Adding to the confusion, management of the Turnpike Troubadours have not been completely transparent in the justification for these cancellations. Whether Felker is falling victim to drug dependence or mental anguish has not been made apparent, creating a cause of concern for fans who are left in the dark.

Whatever is happening internally within the group, it is enough of an issue to disrupt their regularly scheduled tour dates and leave fans unsure of what to expect going forward.

All we can do at this point is to keep the band in our thoughts and hope that whatever the group may be dealing with can get resolved.

We wish Evan and the whole Turnpike crew a speedy recovery!