Certain songs have the ability to be universally appealing, and “Tread Lightly” from Houston’s own Leigh Sinclair has it, feeling familiar even after the first listen. Leigh herself embodies the nonchalant attitude and swagger of a true star and ultimately delivers on this new release, with talent brimming through from start to finish.

There is a raw passion communicated through the musicianship and songwriting that cannot help but make itself known to the audience, and the singer-songwriter makes a strong start for herself with this debut release.

The track is defined by the ringing chords of a rhodes-esque electric keyboard played by the sultry songstress as she deploys her raspy and entrancing cadence to tell the sad and familiar tale of a stilted lover. The song conveys a sense of uplift and understanding, despite the morose lyrical content, causing the listener to bob with the dreamlike sway of the rhythm. The saxophone plays complement to the melody, chiming in with aesthetic flutters, as the drums and bass weave beneath the progression in hypnotic synchronicity, leading the listener down a path of designed introspection.

The song features a number of well known Houston musicians, including Geoffrey Muller on bass, Sam Knight on drums, and Stephen Richard on saxophone, and the result is an alluring, smooth and somehow luxurious set of grooves and melodies that make the song a stand-out and, honestly, quite beautiful.

Leigh Sinclair effortlessly embodies the essence of timelessness, paying homage to great jazz and R&B singers with her virtuosic vocals and infectious arrangements. The combined musicianship of herself and her backing band creates a sound that is vibrant and refreshing, offering the audience just a hint of what’s to come. Luckily, the wait won’t be long. Leigh Sinclair is dropping her debut EP later this year, and there is no doubt it will be one to look out for.