For the next couple of months, we will be surrounded by the contradicting elements of fire and water. It will be a time of great creativity, passion and transformation! So, buckle up and get ready for the force of fate as it pulls us closer to our destined path.

I chose three cards for this reading, commonly referred to as a “three card spread.” I prefer to read the cards separately, then as a collective. I believe this helps to get an idea of the current energy that is being presented to us in the material and immaterial world. Reading cards in this manner assists in preparing us to consciously manifest the best future possible, with an attitude of clarity and gratitude. My intention is to give perspective and insight to whatever circumstance holds your attention and requires further understanding. I truly hope these words resonate with you and inspire you with new knowledge about yourself and the choices that await. So what do you say? Let’s see what the cards have to say!

This reading is ruled and begins with The Empress. The Empress card is affiliated with a “door,” a passage where spirit goes in and life comes out, i.e. childbirth. This card is dense with creativity vibes, symbolized by fertility and fruit. In order for a child or a plant to grow there has to be a seed, or intention, that is planted. The Empress appears in a reading to relay the message that your intentions, your subconscious desires, are manifesting. This is the time to love and receive love! It is an excellent time for healing and keeping yourself, and your garden, safe and protected so you may thrive! The thrive is alive in you as we take a look at the next card.

The Two of Wands is ultimately a card of success. It beckons you to pass through the door of your own potential by trying out a new identity. You will have to make some pretty significant choices to pull this off, namely examining the duality you’ve been entertaining and affirm which one suits you best. Finding a trusted mentor to assist you during this time is favorable, as well as trying out those things your old-self was too scared to try. Wands are enchantment, fire and wonder! They entice you to move forward and shed light onto the dark.

The Eight of Wands has four times the forward movement as the Two of Wands. It’s the ultimate action, things-are-moving-fast card! This card can also mean that a new relationship has caught fire that has cupid blushing! This relationship could also be a forgotten part of yourself that is awakening. Either way, get ready to move, whether it be by plane or by the seat of your pants. New doors of opportunities are opening!

All three cards harmonize with their message of creative expression, growth, movement and identity. Your desires are manifesting and being brought to your self-awareness. This might have you reexamining who you are and what you want, especially if the current trials of success have left you feeling bland and unmoved. If you desire action, then you must act! There is great potential for growth and advancement with the opportunities and relationships that currently surround you. Meditate on how you can nurture yourself to become the love you wish to receive.

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans


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