Galveston-born, Houston-based songstress Tanya Nolan has released the visuals for her latest single, “All for You”. The video, which features Nolan’s wife, family and friends, is a joyful display of her affection towards the people in her life. It also marks the first time the recently debuted LGTBQ+ artist has featured a female love interest in her music videos.

“The concept is based off of love and good times,” says the soulful singer. “The love interest in the video is my wife. The video displays friends, family and loved ones having joyful moments together.”

Nolan, who’s throwback vocal stylings are reminiscent of the R&B divas of the eighties and nineties, released her first original single this January — though she’s been singing professionally since she was fifteen. In just six months she’s landed an impressive collaboration with Houston rap star Kirko Bangz, is reportedly working on an album with an assortment of notable producers, and released the video for “All for You” this month.

With Nolan’s soaring vocal range and the video’s delightfully nostalgic choreography, both track and visuals are a trip down a musical time warp, to the wind blown, big-haired sets of Mariah and Whitney.

Whereas her past projects have presented a more mainstream sexual and romantic narrative — In the video for “Come Harder” we see Nolan approached by an assortment of hulking male models who proceed to rip their shirts off for her while she waives them off in bored disinterest — this project is directly focused on Nolan’s genuine relationship with her wife. Both lyrically and visually, the project is a serenation of love. “I’m displaying how much I adore her,” says the Galveston native.

Nolan is currently working with local and nationally recognized producers as she prepares to release her debut album. The project, which is likely to feature notable artist collaborations, will be self-titled. Currently no release date has been announced.

Despite her short industry tenure, Tanya’s previous releases have all racked up over 100K views on YouTube, including “Love Ya”, the aforementioned collaboration with rapper Kirko Bangz. On Instagram, the burgeoning star has over 44K followers and rising.

While mainstream success is never promised, it seems Tanya Nolan is well on her way to a breakout moment. With a uniquely retro R&B style that captures the magic of a lost generation, her captivating vocals and a rapidly growing organic audience, the question is not if, but when.