Tee Vee is the brainchild of Houston musician Teresa Vicinanza, known for her work with beloved indie rock group Rose Ette. With the release of Tee Vee’s debut EP, Soft Spot, back in 2017, the solo synth-pop outfit, known for its dreamy bedroom pop and the retro sleepwear the artist often dons during performances, became a fixture in the local synth-pop scene.

Vicinanza uses dreamy soundscapes and catchy melodicism on this project to produce ethereal and washed out electro-pop. The artist recently released “Dust,” a follow-up track to the 2018 single, “Dreaming,” in addition to announcing that she’ll have a new album coming out this June. It seems like this is going to be quite a busy year for the burgeoning synth-pop project!

The new track, a B-side off of her upcoming album, plays to the artist’s strength of creating straightforward and instantly recognizable pop. The track would fit perfectly within the ambiance of a pastiche-driven, ’80s-tinged discotheque.

The song incorporates playful synth leads, reminiscent of the score of a cult classic ‘80s flick, and showcases ethereal synth pads that are driven by typical rock rhythms and a washed out vocal delivery. The wistful lyrical delivery by Vicinanza gives the track its unique character, and repetition seems to be the primary ingredient of the piece, with the hypnotic nature of the arrangement sending the listener into a fairly cerebral headspace.

The no-nonsense composition gives you something to grab onto, making the B-side catchy from the first listen. This doesn’t change after the second and third go, either. This steadfast nature is only interrupted sparingly by synthesizer arrangements near the closing of the track. Coming in at a little under three minutes, the song is a quick burst of energy that you’ll want to play on repeat.

Vicinanza is planning to release the new Tee Vee album in its entirety on June 4, with a release show soon to follow.

You can catch Tee Vee, along with Pitter Patter, Future Ghost and Heavy Stars, at Insomnia Gallery on May 5.