Doomsday Wrestling, the self-described best little wrasslin’ show in all of Texas, is showcasing its first-ever all-female event at Numbers Nightclub tomorrow. 
The night is titled “Heroines of Houston”, an evening female fighters duking it out in a ring made of pure comedy. 
The show’s announcer, Tex Lonestar, unintentionally described what the night will be in two words: Bodacious and Outrageous.
He was actually giving me the names of the heavy metal tag team duo, Call of the Wild. Heroines of Houston will be the final performance for the two who have been a crowd favorite in the organization for years.
“It’s the first time we’ve had a top to bottom card of all-female wrestlers,” Tex told me during a phone interview.
He stressed that the fights are NOT going to be half-assed tumbles in a kiddie pool of jello.
“These women are beautiful, but they’re also aggressive and powerful,” Tex said.
Doomsday has been around for nearly two decades, mashing up the more over-the-top aspects of professional wrestling with the type of comedy you’d expect to find in a Japanese variety show. Tex said that although this is the first time Doomsday is showcasing an all-female roster, he doesn’t plan for it to be the last.
Houston is no stranger to showcasing female strength; Houston Roller Derby is proof of that. And all-female wrestling is hardly new, just think of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) from the 1980’s. Case in point: Houston has been a bit overdue for this.
Die-hard wrestling fans need no encouragement to attend, but what if you, the reader, find wrestling to be a tacky, silly spectacle? Well, it is! That is the beauty and one of the more interesting aspects of professional wrestling, how unapologetically aware of how silly it is.
Let’s admit it: We all watched wrestling at one point or another. We all had a favorite wrestler or character. We knew all their moves and imitated them in the back yard on a mattress with kids from down the street. Drag THAT back out of you. Go cheer your favorite. Boo the bad guy (girl, in this case).
I had one more question for Tex Lonestar before we hung up, something a lot of outsiders might be wondering: Is Doomsday made up of comedians who wrestle, or wrestlers doing comedy?

“It’s a comedic play about wrestling,” Tex said. “It focuses on the silliness of professional wrestling. It’s a homage, I think.”

“Doomsday Wrestling Presents: Heroines of Houston” starts at 8pm this Saturday at Numbers Nightclub. For those interested on what comes after, Doomsday Wrestling is planning for their next event at Sigma Brewing in September.