Splice Records recently celebrated their five year anniversary at The Continental Club in Downtown Houston. Revelry and good cheer filled the air as the swampy southern sound of Splice label musicians resounded. The night culminated in a big reveal: the line-up for this year’s River Revival Music Fest. 

River Revival Music Fest is held along the banks of the Guadalupe River. For three days in September a small group of festival goers camp with family and friends at KL Ranch Camp “on the river”, a beautiful ten acre property in New Braunfels, Texas. The micro-fest features all inclusive food, beer, music, art and activities. It’s a festival that sounds too good to be true. It’s the festival of the future. The idea for this revolutionary experience came to Splice Records founder Shaun Brennan as he was camping one day, five years ago.

Shaun decided to take his father and what was then the small team that would eventually become Splice Records to camp before their label’s first album release. He and his dad brought tiki torches, food to cook, and their guitars. One night after dinner, led by Reverend Craig Kinsey, they began to riff on their guitars and sing a little; a few nearby campers stopped by. The next night after dinner they played on their guitars again. They’re audience had grown. Each night the group of campers grew around the fire, listening to music together and enjoying the crisp September Central Texas air. Shaun Brennan thought to himself, “this is the greatest feeling in the world.” He knew he couldn’t let it slip away. Shaun wrote a proposal, invited a hundred or so people, and held the first River Revival Music Fest shortly after. Now, the festival celebrates its fifth year. 

The festival has options for everyone. It considers not only the needs of the people attending but also those of the environment. The Splice Records team pre-cleans the river before the festival, and goes to great lengths to ensure minimal waste/ maximum environmental sustainability throughout the weekend. Reusable cups and wooden silverware are available, and recycling is located on premises (campers are encouraged to bring their own plates). You can choose to camp for one, two or all three nights along the bank or in an RV. And even with late night merrymaking the festival designated a quiet corner on the banks for those families camping with young revivalists. In their fifth year it seems the Splice team has thought of nearly everything.

“When you buy your ticket don’t shit yourself when you see the price. 

You get breakfast and dinner everyday, and beverages with each”. – Shaun Brennan, Founder of Splice Records

Revivalists can expect music, food, floating; family activity, late night festivity and camaraderie. Splice Records recently gained sponsorship by Lone Star Beer. The Lone Star Beer + Splice Records union is a match made in heaven considering the central Texas beer company’s century long reputation in the star spangled state. It’s but another example of how River Revival is homegrown. “The Lawn” section of KL Camp will feature the Lone Star Beer Stage, as well as communal commissary, yoga, a daytime family area, and a DJ booth by yours truly, Byline Houston. Two meals a day plus late night snacks will be gracefully handled by local Houston couple Jason and Becca Kerr, humble and talented owners of Little Kitchen HTX. An expanded concept from Splice label band Folk Family Revival called Zen City will feature The Corner Pub Stage. Zen City will act as a place to create and rebirth yourself, or continue the party if you’re still awake between the hours of midnight and 3 AM. The weekend will also feature a float parade, scavenger hunt and Sunday gospel brunch. Furthermore, camp community awards like “Shoulda Been at Woodstock Award” and “Most Creative Campsite” are up for grabs this year too. And if you’re a little hungover, revivalist pro-tip is to jump in the holy river water to cleanse yourself of prior day indulgences. 

River Revival Music Fest is the closest you’ll get to heaven on earth. Brennan says, “when we’re on the river, we become one heartbeat”, strong and vital like the Guadalupe itself. The experience is a reflection of the family Splice has built around their independent Texas label. In the words of Jason Kerr, “once you do River Revival, you’re part of the River Revival family forever”. River Revival Music Fest is a magical experience. It is the ultimate family reunion, the ultimate union with nature. It’s a chance to reconnect with the things that matter, and have a damn good time. Now, pump up those tubes, pack all the tie dye you own, and gather the tribe this September. Ticket and info available at http://www.riverrevival.net . Cheers. 

This year’s line up

JD McPherson, Shinyribs, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Sweet Crude, Piñata Protest, Folk Family Revival, Johnny Falstaff, Swimwear Department, Madeline Edwards, Aaron Stephens, Walk Talk, Grand Old Grizzly, DEM, The Jones Family Singers, The Iceman Special, Pearl Earl, John Evans, Pecos Hank, Mighty Orq, Sara Van Buskirk, Texture:Yellow, Leigh Sinclair, Nico and Jay Bee Zay. 


DJs Vinyl Ranch, DJ Chaney, Blue Heron Yacht Club, and the Foxy Boxes

Art by Ohnohedint, Black Cassidy, Inputoutput and Alex Ramos

Special notes: 

Happy Birthday Shaun Brennan!

This year will feature River Revival Radio, hosted by master of ceremonies and Byline Houston publisher, Mills-McCoin

Only around 750 tickets are available! 

Dates Thurs, Sept 26 (check in 1 PM) through Sun, Sept 29th (check out 1 PM)

No cigarette bud dumping on the campsite.

Fishing, canoeing, rope swings, hiking and more!