KOLARS is the musical union of Los Angeles-based husband and wife duo Lauren and Rob Kolar. The glam rock duo arose out of the two’s mutual interest in performing and creating music, and in many ways has proven to be a natural evolution for the band as it has grown in notoriety for the duo’s intense performances. The bizarre rhythm section alone, which features Lauren tap dancing atop a turned over kick drum as Rob takes on the role of an acid-washed psychobilly frontman, is worth the price of entry.

Between searching for hot springs in the mountains and other novelties on the road, the band has been on an infinite touring schedule in recent years, and in the process increasing their ever-growing fan base of diehard stans.

When asked if the band ever gets fatigued on their drawn-out national touring regimen, guitarist and vocalist Rob replied, “Y’know, it’s fun. It’s nice to have a little break, kind of get recharged. Especially coming home. We like to visit our cat, but it’s good because at this stage we are really building it. It’s all about that exposure… For us, I think it works, because we are very much a live band, and that’s a big part of the allure or draw, the live show, the excitement, the energy.”

Being in a band is already enough like a relationship; adding actual romance can push it over the edge at times. But, overall, it seems it’s a labor of love that leaves both Lauren and Rob feeling fulfilled.

“I think we both shape each other. We definitely are living a dream, and there are moments where we are living the nightmare. For the most part, we really enjoy it. You find ways to make it work. We are really lucky we found each other because we both enjoy doing it, and also we can work through some of the challenges,” says Rob, providing some insight into the sentimentality and nature of being in a band with your significant other. “There are definitely days where we question what the fuck are we doing with our lives, and there are some shows that are really challenging. Whether it be the circumstances of the day or lack of turn out. And then we’ll have some shows that are great a huge success, so it’s a very up-and-down lifestyle. It’s great to have each other to lean on in that way.”

The band’s latest singles, “Touch the Lighting” and “Turn It Up,” have been released under Pearl Jam veteran Mike McCready’s vinyl-only label Hockeytalkter in collaboration with Third Man Records in Nashville. The support of established acts is a sign of the rising force of KOLARS as the two musicians continue to make waves and gain deserved attention.

“Mike McCready, from Pearl Jam, caught our set a couple of years ago and really love the band, and so he said let’s put something out on my label,” says Rob when asked how these celebrity connections came about. “We thought it would be fun to do this single, so he’s put it out, and it’s being pressed by Third Man Records out of Nashville, which is Jack White’s pressing company. So, they teamed up, got together on this release. So it’s a seven-inch single that has the limited edition pressing, and we put the songs out digitally. But Mike has been pushing the single on the Pearl Jam site. He’s become a real big supporter and advocate of the band. Those will be available at all the dates on the tour, and it will be available in Houston too. It’s been nice to get that kind of exposure.”

You can get to know KOLARS up close and personal when the group stops through Houston on Friday, April 26 for a performance at White Oak Music Hall alongside Middle Spoons and Ezra Black.