Vockah Redu is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in Magnolia Housing Development. It was there that he created the sweet sounds of New Orleans Bounce in 1997. So, if you’re looking for someone to thank for Bounce music, Vockah is the one! He studied theater and dance at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and Grambling State University. While in school, Vockah took a break from creating music, but came back to the scene, full swing, in 2010. He’s been here in Houston for some time now, and will be performing this Saturday 7/13 in the 713 at Mystic Stylez Second Coming at Rockefellers, and Byline definitely had to sit down with him to talk.

flyer by @_v1984

Byline Houston: How did you go about creating bounce? It’s such a complex blend of so many sounds, I can’t even imagine…

Vockah Redu: It’s like a pot of gumbo! The sound came from being a young only child in the projects sitting on the porch. Hearing the sounds of beads being sold down the streets, second line band passing, funerals, I even lived across the street from a church. I’ve always been around rhythm. The layered sounds of my surroundings growing up really inspired me.

Byline Houston: Maybe this is dumb question, but I’ve always been curious…Bounce music is known for the rhythmic repetition. As an artist, how do you know when the song is over? What makes a bounce song complete?

Vockah Redu: That’s a good question, haha! It really is a special feeling. I don’t know how to describe it..it’s special. 

Byline Houston: It sounds like you’ve always had that special something. What were you like as a kid?

Vockah Redu: On the bus, I would get the whole thing krunk! I would beat on anything to make music. People would come to disturb the classrooms I was in and be like “Voc run a beat!”. I was the person to get the party started. That’s where the rapping started.

Image courtesy of Vockah Redu.

Byline Houston: You were a rapper? So, bounce emerged from that?

Vockah Redu: I actually never put myself in the category of bounce. People put me in bounce. There was once a phase called “Sissy Bounce”…I don’t know who created that. I hated it!

Byline Houston: How would you describe a Bounce show to someone that has never been before? There’s just such a unique vibration.

Vockah Redu: It’s very much mindblowing. It’s a feeling. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have that feeling. You’re going to embrace the feeling of letting loose and enjoying the moment. Even if you aren’t dancing, you will be tired! There’s so much energy. You have to go.

Byline Houston: I totally agree. 

Vockah Redu: …and it’s so different from watching a performance on a video. You have to see it live! It looks good on video, but that feeling. You just can’t get that through a screen.

Image courtesy of Vockah Redu.

Byline Houston: What can we expect to see from your set at Second Coming? 

Vockah Redu: Expect to be aroused and get sweaty, so wear spanx! You’re going to want to move, trust me. Something is going to move!

Byline Houston: Noted! Do you have a special outfit for the night?

Vockah Redu: ….Now come on, I can’t tell you everything!

Byline Houston: Alright! Fair. I tried! I hear that you have a new album coming out. 

Vockah Redu: It’ll be next year, but you’ll hear some singles before then, so watch out for that.

Make sure to get your tickets to Second Coming this Saturday, July 13th, to experience an electrifying Vockah set for yourself!